17.1.2009  Ljubljana( SLO) CACIB show & Club show   judge Kenneth Edh ( S)
Ghibli was the best !!EXC1 CAC CACIB BOS !!! I am so proud of my sweet princess :o))  Club show - Najib and Ghibli both got  EXC1 CAC!  handeld by Gregor Nemanic
It was a great show meeting great friends!
8.2.2009 Belgrade (SRB) CACB show
Another great resoult for Ghibli  1EXC CAC CACIB BOB !! judge Suzsanna Balosh (HU)
With that Ghibli has her second Champion  title, at her young 20 months!!!!! Serbian CH !!!
24-25.1.2009 Sofia( BG) CACIB show
first day Ghibli 1EXC CAC CACIB BOB BOG2 !! judge Maria Lukic (SRB)
second day 1EXC CAC CACIB BOB BOG BIS5 !!!!!!! judge Ivan Dimitrov(BG)
With that Ghibli also has her first Campion title !!! Bulgarian CH !! Thank You Polona & Gregor!!!
2 0 0 9
15.3.2009 Lithuenia CACIB VILNIUS CUP 2009
A great unexpected show weekend
Simhearth Najib Al Arif finished his 9th Championat!! and BIS !!!!!!
1 exc CAC CACIB BOB judge TAMÁS JAKKEL (Hungary)
BOG  judge  LUIS CATALAN (Portugal )
BIS  judge  ZORAN BRANKOVIC (Serbia)
I woul like to thank  the judges for this succesful day !!
A special thanks to Najibs handler  Gregor Nemanic  for superb  handling!!!!!
5.3.2009 Crufts (GB)
What a glorious day  for Ghiblis Family!!!
We are proud to be a part of ithis beautiful family!
from l. to r.:daddy Diesel-Amiyat Anakin-2nd place open mama Caitlyn Djaal Lhilal 1st place open
sister Kiki-Ghatibiyya Djaal Lhilal  2nd place limit
brother Gideon Djaal Lhilal Best of Breed!!!
16.8.2009  Sacile Italy, Ghibli did it again!!
With BOG we started Itally CH
Thanks to Judges Dusan Paunovic (YU) for BOB and Adriana Griffa (IT) for BOG! Thank you Grgor!
WDS Bratislava Ghibli was EXC 3 among beautiful Lady's in Champion Class!! We are so proud !!
Thank you to judge Engh Espen NOR and Ghiblis handler Anette Nihlen!!!
Thank you Leonardo Galliano for sending me this beautiful poto!!

7.11.2009 Cacib Sempeter(SLO) judge Petru Muntean (RO)
Ghibli - CAC CACIB BOB!! With that she finished SLO Ch and now we can aply for International CH!!  Ghibli handeld by Polona Blatnik!! Thank you Polona!
Photo by Marko Zornada
21/22.11.2009 Cacib Zagreb (CRO) judges Gunther Ehrenreich (A)  Gerard Jipping (NL)
Ghibli 2X   1EXC CAC r.CACIB Handeld by Jovana Danilovic! Thank you Jovana!!
2 0 1 0
2 0 1 1
17.4.2011        After a brake of shows we where pretty busy with 2 litters. One sired by  Sihearth Najib Al Arif at kenell Izolska and our first QOM-A litter  sired by Baklavas Rafi Rasil of Khiva.
All the puppies are at theyre new homes and loving owners...........I would like to thank all new owners for such a great loving homes you give to aur precious babys!
Looking forward  for many joyful years to come and follow the developments of our precious A litter :o))

Qom  A babys 5 months
Atash -owner Dora Levstek 
Aila-owner family Smits
Bibi-owner Lana Hafner
Ashu-owner Polona Blatnik & Vesna Crnelic
Ali-owner Marika Latch
Aram-owner Sandra Ohl
22.5.2011  I am so so happy and proud of my Qom A litter!! Some of the puppies
already started theyre show career in puppy clas at 6 months!!
CONGRATULATION to all the owners and theyre puppies!!
Big thank you to all the judges!!
Abia Bibi Shomal Baad Al Qom        Special sighthund show Varazdin (CRO)
VP1  BOB  BIS puppy !!!!!! Way to go Lana & Bibi :o))) Bravo!!
Ali Darian Jonoob Baad Al Qom    Already at 3 shows......2x Dortmund cacib(DE)  VP2
and St Gallen cacib (CH) VP1 BOB  puppy!!!!
Marika & Ali, you make such a gorgeous couple :o) !! Bravo!!
Aila Ziba Mashregh Baad Al Qom    2xDortmund cacib(DE)  VP1 and VP1  BOB puppy !!!!
Bravo! Peter & Aila!! :o)
Ashu Saba Jonoob Baad Al Qom      Madrid cacib (ES)  VP1  BOB  BOG3 puppy!!!
Polona what an excellent result of our sweet Ashu!! Bravo!! :o)