A B O U T  U S
We come from Slovenia, a small and beautiful country in Europe, and my name is Vesna Crnelic.

My first live encounter with this beautiful breed was in outskirts of Kuwait in 1993. It was love at first site! I had never seen such graceful creatures!

Someone offered me a puppy from a Saluki desert breed, but, at that point in my life, I had so far to travel home, and, at home, an Irish setter named Guy and beautiful white cat named Bella were waiting for me. I knew that, someday, I would share my life with these graceful creatures but my dream of having a Saluki was postponed until 2004.

On Valentines Day, 14th February, 2005, Simhearth Najib al Arif bred by Vet Simonetta Ronco Simhearth Kennel, from the litter of Simhearth Hathor X Yalameh Arif came to share his life with me.

Najib-habibi is actually my shadow, because we live quite an active life together.  He is also a passionate sailor, swimmer, mountain climber and, of course, a field runner. And he also likes to be shown and be a show of!

Always well behaved in restaurants and in the office, where he has his own sofa, Najib has a very social, loving, tender and charming character. He is extremely sensitive and responsive to peoples feelings. His need for pleasure and indulgence is unbelievable; he indeed, is a Glamour-boy.

In 2007 I decided to find a lady companion for Najib. Like costume is in Arab countries we chouse the lady for him. A sweet, lively Flemish young lady came to our home in August 2007. Djaal Lhilal Ghibli Rani bred by Solange and Marcel Wan Thienen de Decker, of the Djaal Lhilal Kennel, from the litter Caitlyn Djaal Lhilal X Amiyat Anakin.

When Najib and Ghibli met for the first time, it was magic; and from that august day on the two have been inseparable.

Ghibli is an independent and active young lady with a spark in her eyes. Always prepared for action, she is a big explorer who never gets tired. She has a cute and friendly face, which wrapped me around her tail from the first moment we met.

Well behaved as well, very social, she just adores every creature on this planet; she probably thinks the world is a big playground made just for her. She is charming and always flirting, and always gives off an innocent look, even when she is doing something wrong. She is a beautiful, tender soul, always searching for an opportunity to cuddle.

In 2008 we registered our kennel named QOM

So, the story begins...

For the future, our wish is to breed sound, healthy, happy Salukis with great characters, to preserve the heritage of these beautiful, unique and graceful creatures.


Vesna Crnelic